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The Island Chronicles

by Bruce Langford

"Since the ending is inevitable, no matter what we believe, the best thing to do is pretend the   happiest story we can imagine, under the circumstances."

"What is immortality? Is it infinite time, or just living one moment at a time?"

"That impossible things happened was not the problem. It was finding rhyme and reason for when, how, and to whom they happened."


The Island Chronicles

Book One

Book Two

Book Three

About the Author

Ever since his father died when he was nine years old, Bruce Langford has searched the mythological, religious, philosophical, and metaphysical worlds for answers to the only questions that matter. Where did we come from? Where are we going? And what are we doing in-between?


A musician by education and trade, he spent his life performing. As a conductor, he made frequent tours of the United States and Europe, leading choirs and orchestras. As an actor and a singer, he appeared in numerous operas, musicals, and plays. He was also a classical music radio host in Los Angeles. Eventually, he taught college for forty-five years, in both performance and music history. Always performing, one way or another. Currently, he is a writer. Broken, drug addled, and functionally suicidal. 


In pursuit of the meaning of life, Langford has studied philosophy and theology, both Eastern and Western. He has led numerous seminars in meditation and personal effectiveness. That sort of thing manifests itself in his writing.


He lives in southern California with Brindle, the Dutch Shepherd, Winston, the Belgian Malinois, and Arya, the Siamese cat, who wears one ring to rule them all. Bruce Langford is their human. 

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